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Awesome, super intuitive

Reviewed by johnwillows on Nov 21, 2013

Very convenient and easy in use, don't have to be accounting guru to use it. Have started using it just recently after couple of other accounting apps Talibro became my favorite

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Awesome inventory management

Reviewed by matilda on Nov 25, 2013

I like Talibro a lot! Its inventory management and invoicing system are the best solution for any business. its more than simple to adapt to this app and won't take much time to become guru of accounting

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Thumbs up, perfect intuitive app

Reviewed by philip_b on Dec 15, 2013

It is simple to use, great support. Good job to the team. my accountant advise this software. as of now, I have no complaints. managing my inventory pretty well. Also, I love their quality and expeditious support.

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Perfect for small business

Reviewed by philip_b on Dec 23, 2013

Talibro is more than perfect match for my business, convenient billing and invoicing system, superb reporting tool. The team is extremely supportive, always there to answer any questions.

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