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Great easy to use App!

Reviewed by davidlin on Jan 13, 2014

Cool app! Very friendly and easy to use. Great social marketing facebook tools. I used the Coupon pop on my personal website and got some good reactions from my customers. The think I liked the most is that you don't need to be a computer savvy to build the store from scratch. Good work StoreYa!

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Great work StoreYa team!

Reviewed by reginademi on Jan 15, 2014

I used StoreYa to import my woocommerce shop to Facebook and I'm very happy with it! I just finished a successful group deal which is a part of their features (I've upgraded my account). I think the best thing about this app is that you can use it for free for as long as you like. I used if for free until I figured out how to take advantges off all of the features I can use inside the app and then I've upgraded. Very recommended!

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5 Stars! Very useful app

Reviewed by maliburiai on Jan 16, 2014

A friend of mine recommended me to try StoreYa. I didn't sell on Facebook until now and I found this new f-commerce world very exciting! So much new possibilities! I join the other reviews which mentioned the social marketing tools - they are just awesome! Specially the group deal and the coupon pop

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A must! I recommend it to everyone who's in ecommerce!

Reviewed by dorita on Jan 20, 2014

Hi all! Just wanted to share my great experience with this app. I don't understand why I didn't start to sell on Facebook earlier... I've been using StoreYa for a month now and it really helped me boost my sales! Another great thing is the I've gained many new likes thanks to it!

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