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This game rox! U need 2 try it!

Reviewed by gavinshreds on Jan 17, 2014

You move all across the land, fight baddies and level up. Best of all it does not take 60 seconds for each move. :) Since it does not take very long you can get high levels pretty fast. I think thats real cool! :) :)

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Reviewed by pie on Jan 03, 2014

This game is Amazingly addicting! With A great community,14 skills to train, Many areas to explore, many monsters to kill, and over 45 quests to complete. This game will have you playing for hours.

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This game is awsome! :D

Reviewed by lohiemer on Mar 24, 2014

I love this game. It is one of the best games i have played in years, and has a depth surprising of a 2d game. Unlike most games of similar genres, there are always nice players online to answer your questions and help out!

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so cool :D and super awesome and nice :D

Reviewed by jwrc on Apr 12, 2014

so cool :D i like it so much i just think its very cool also think how awesome it is just saying ya no :D i love it

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An impressive browser sandbox!

Reviewed by m00n on Feb 17, 2014

EN: An impressive browser sandbox game, where you can do whatever you want to. Fighting monsters, searching treasures, mining ore, woodcut trees, crafting own stuff, trading at market, finding friends! All this and even more you will find in RPG MO. РУ: Впечатляющая браузерная песочница, в которой Вы сможете делать всё, что угодно. Побеждать монстров, искать сокровища, добывать руду, рубить деревья, изготавливать свои вещи, торговать на рынке, найти друзей! Всё это и многое другое Вы найдёте в игре RPG MO.

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is this the best game out or what??

Reviewed by gunjamon on Feb 18, 2014

The story of a stolen pet propels the game of Samorost forward into strange territory inwhich odd items and creatures are everywhere. The game, which you can download from theInternet, has beautiful graphics and an interesting soundtrack in which your player moveswordlessly through an alien world.... oh thats the wrong review. is five time greater then any browser based rpgmmo you have ever played, this game may not have the best visuals, but this game has an awesome leveling system many, many skills and a large playerbase growing daily ign: Gunja take it easy

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Alarences Review for RPG Mo

Reviewed by alarence on Mar 27, 2014

Although the Name may not be entirely all that catchy, and the overview look in the Screenshots seem to throw the game off of what it Is when being a part of it...I can say that this is a very well structured game. A few qwerks, but all the best have 'em ;) I would easily rate the Game an 7* out of 10*. 3 point deduction because we cannot eat food during combat. My main gripe - means, you pretty much just level up til the monster-of-choice you wish can't hit you. As a Fan of LoK, RunEscape, and Ultima Online - this game has a genremesh that is pulled together surprisingly well. I applaud you

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RPG MO Addictive, Reminiscent of RuneScape Classic

Reviewed by ulyssescant on Nov 22, 2014

An addictive, 2D RPG boasting some smooth pixel art and high-stakes PvP. It's great in that it hasn't been "exploited" entirely, meaning you're going to be forced to find out SOME things on your own, and rely on the community for answers. For me, the element of having a little mystery helps preserve the RPG aspect of this game. I've been through them all. This game allows me to enjoy nostalgia while discovering a new world--I'm having my cake and eating it, too. After years of searching, I'm finally getting this devilish itch scratched.

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RPG Mo Review by storm1971

Reviewed by storm1971 on Dec 01, 2014

Hello my name is storm1971 level 84 I started playing RPG Mo 26 days ago and have not been able to get off, playing an average of 6 to 8 hours daily. The community has friendly Mods and players that will help if ask politely. I been playing RPGs for 35 years, and compare this to Ultima Online. I highly recommend all to register play and enjoy a great 2d experience.

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RPG MO Is Top Drawer!

Reviewed by djsacrosanct on Mar 04, 2015

I found this game not too long ago, & I cannot even begin to tell you how fun it is. There is just so much to do, so many skills to build up & so many friends to make. The in game chat room is unique. There are no holier than thou types in there, everyone is interested in YOUR good time. Join up today with the warmest crowd surrounding an MMORPG on the market!

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Awesome oldschool game

Reviewed by dantistus on Mar 05, 2015

I've stumbled upon RPG MO accidentally and I don't regret it! The game reminds me of all-time classic, Ultima Online. If you ever played UO, there is great chance you will love RPG MO. It has all the right ingredients: PvM, rich crafting system and even PvP. The skill levels system is build in a way that allows you to reach playable levels in a couple days. I recommend this game to everybody!

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Reviewed by drewnation on Mar 20, 2015

Nice community, friendly players, high scoreboard, no level/skill caps! (really no level caps? yes, awesome i know!). Sand box MMORPG you could say similar to Runescape. Playing almost 2 months now and has already had an update. I see great things for this game. I don't think you''ll regret joining! Message me in game if any questions: drewnation

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