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Privatoria is great service for online privacy

Reviewed by john on Feb 19, 2015

I like Privatoria because all secure services are in one place. I pay low price for subscription and can use Proxy, VPN, e-mail service, data storage, etc. I have never seen services like this. I believe it's totally secure. I recommend to use!

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Great VPN and Proxy Service Provider

Reviewed by stanley on Feb 19, 2015

I've been using Privatoria as my VPN and Proxy provider. Their service is decent, no troubles so far, no recurrent payments, I use Bitcoins but credit card or PayPal are also available. Account set-up is hassle-free, no e-mail required, just type in whatever user-name you want, password and you're good to go. Connection speed does not suffer when behind Proxy, VPN is also great, connection does not drop, P2P stuff work fine too. Great deal for $2.5 per month

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