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Love Critter! :)

Reviewed by heykatieben on Dec 04, 2013

I love Critter! I love the whole idea of 'feeding your inner critter', and getting to buy silly things like bacon and chocolate and broccoli as a reward for logging your mood. I love the gratitude section and the 'I Rock' section. Super useful and fun. Finally, a personal growth app! Check it out!!

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Critter is an Awesome, One-of-a-Kind App

Reviewed by mahannay on Dec 04, 2013

The amazing thing about Critter is that the spirit of the entire app embodies the purpose of the entire app - that is, it's a cheery, uplifting tool that encourages self-improvement and mood awareness. It's inspiring to log in and see how my mood and thought patterns have changed and developed over time. I highly recommend Critter for anyone interested in tracking their mental awareness and attitudes!

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